Wet Wipe Alternative

Flushing Away Unflushable Problems With Wet Wipe Alternatives

A recent trend in personal hygiene is giving our bums a little more love. Toilet paper often lacks in its cleansing properties, and, not to mention, it’s often rough and scratchy. Some people have turned to wet wipes for cleaner derrieres. Unfortunately, these wipes are wreaking havoc on our plumbing systems. Is there an alternative to “flushable” wipes? You’re in luck when it comes to staying fresh and clean without clogging your plumbing.

We are proud to announce the next revolutionary step in personal hygiene: Refresh Liquid Wipe® wet wipe alternative. Refresh Liquid Wipe® is applied directly to toilet paper to make a custom flushable wipe that will leave your bottom feeling refreshed and relieve you of the worry of plumbing clogs.

Why “Flushable” Wipes Really Aren’t Flushable

Some wet wipe manufacturers label their wipes as “flushable,” even though the act of flushing wet wipes can actually clog our sewer systems. Wipes simply cannot transform from being durable enough to be soaked in liquid to dissolvable immediately after use. In fact, a study conducted in Canada showed that not one of the 101 wipes labeled as flushable that they tested moved properly through a sewer system. Another study found that about 90% of the giant municipal plumbing clogs known as “fatbergs” removed from sewer systems consisted of large amounts of disposable wipes.

What Happens to Flushed Wet Wipes

While toilet paper consists of materials that disintegrate in our pipes, many wet wipes are made of synthetic materials, plastics, or polyester, which will not break down. To get rid of the clogs caused by disposable wipes, cities must spend millions of dollars, and professionals must deal with these hazardous materials. In the end, these fatbergs (or the solid masses of waste mainly consisting of disposable wipes, tampons, and cooking fats) still end up in landfills, despite what many consumers believe.

Choose a Greener Alternative to Wet Wipes

So, why are disposable wipes labeled as “flushable”? There are currently no regulations restricting companies from placing this label on their products. It takes an environmentally conscious person to do their own research and realize that just because they can flush a wet wipe down the toilet doesn’t mean it’s good for their plumbing or the environment.

Fortunately, there’s a greener, eco-friendly alternative to “flushable” wipes that will keep your skin happy and your plumbing and landfills clear. Our toilet paper spray and foam can be applied to any quality toilet paper to provide the soothing qualities of a wet wipe without all the problems that come with those wipes.

Benefits of Using a Wet Wipe Alternative

Everyone should want to have good hygiene, and there’s nothing wrong or embarrassing about wanting a fresher bottom after taking care of business in the bathroom. The next time you’re shopping for your personal hygiene, skip the wet wipe. Instead, choose a toilet paper spray or foam as your wet wipe alternative from Refresh Liquid Wipe®.

By purchasing our flushable wipe alternative, you could enjoy the following benefits.

Who Should Take the Plunge and Use Our Environmentally Friendly Wet Wipes Alternative?

Everyone who uses the bathroom can benefit from using our sustainable alternative to wet wipes! Who wouldn’t appreciate the improved hygiene of a cleaner bottom? All you have to do is apply Refresh to folded quality toilet paper to make a custom flushable wipe, and flush! Now, you and the planet are happy.

If you’re still not sure our alternative to toilet wipes is right for you, check out these groups of people who have enjoyed our liquid wipe spray and foam:

  • Parents: Potty training is enough of a struggle without worrying about the products you’re using on your child. Fortunately, we can ease some of the stress of potty training with our toilet paper spray. Refresh Free for Sensitive Skin is gentle enough to introduce your children to good hygiene habits and eco-friendly practices.
  • Adult Wet Wipe Lovers: We know you like to keep this part of your life on the down-low. That’s why our liquid wipe bottles are discreet and small enough to stash under the sink, in your pocket, or in your purse. Now, with this alternative to toilet wet wipes, you can stay comfortable all day long.
  • Office Workers: When nature calls, you must answer — even if you are at the office. Unfortunately, this can leave your bum feeling less than clean, and you could be in for a long day at work. Luckily, you can rely on our toilet wipe alternative to keep fresh.
  • Runners, Bikers, and Campers: If you’ve ever been in the middle of a run or out in the woods when you’ve had to go to the bathroom, you know the discomfort of using dry, cheap toilet paper on your bottom. It can quickly turn an amazing experience into a less-than-stellar day. Fortunately, with our sustainable alternative to toilet wipes, you can transform any piece of toilet paper into a luxurious, soothing disposable wipe.

Take Hold of Our Eco-Friendly Wet Wipe Alternative

Are you ready to do your part in preventing fatbergs in the sewers across the country and treat your rear end and the planet more kindly? Then, it’s time to switch to zero-waste alternatives to wet wipes. Our foam cleans with witch hazel, soothes with aloe, and dissolves in your plumbing so that your skin feels refreshed and the environment isn’t exposed to polluting wipes that don’t break down. Stay clean at home and on-the-go — grab hold of the best flushable wipe alternative available! For more information, contact us today.