Refresh Liquid Wipe

Alcohol & Paraben FREE


Refresh Liquid Wipe Free: Sensitive Skin Toilet Paper Foam is the zero-waste, sustainable wet wipe alternative that you apply directly to toilet paper to make a custom flushable wipe. Wipes clog pipes and plain toilet paper doesn't really leave you clean. Simply apply one or two pumps of Refresh foam to folded quality toilet paper, wipe and flush. Refresh cleanses and soothes with witch hazel and aloe and it is Plumbing and Septic Safe. Perfect for freshening up after a workout, roadtrip or hike and great for little wipers. Alcohol, Paraben and Dye Free. Fresh natural scent.
INGREDIENTS: Purified Water, Witch Hazel, Glycerin (plant derived), Aloe Vera, Phenoxyethanol, Methylcellulose

Directions: Apply directly to tissue and wipe normally as part of your good hygiene routine.

Impressive Benefits of Refresh Liquid Wipe Free Sensitive Skin Formula Toilet Paper Foam and Spray

CLEANS BETTER THAN PLAIN TOILET PAPER: Sensitive Skin Formula with Witch Hazel and Aloe, Alcohol, Dye, Fragrance and Paraben Free.  Refresh Liquid Wipe Cleanses and Soothes to clean away what plain toilet tissue leaves behind and Promotes Good Hygiene!

WON’T CLOG PLUMBING: Flushable Wipes DO NOT BREAKDOWN like Toilet Tissue, leading to expensive (and disgusting) plumbing clogs…Yuck! Refresh Liquid Wipe Eliminates this Problem because you use it Directly on Toilet Paper to Make a Custom Flushable Wipe.  Safe For Use Anywhere you use Toilet Paper!

EASY TO USE: Refresh Liquid Wipe comes in both Foam and Spray and lets you make a Custom Wipe. Step 1: Wipe with plain toilet paper. Step 2: Fold and Apply directly to toilet paper and wipe. Step 3: Finish up with plain toilet paper as required. Clean as a Whistle! Enjoy the Healthy Benefits of Good Hygiene Wherever You Go!

ECONOMICAL: Each 50ml Foam and 2oz Spray provide about 100 Applications allowing you to create roughly 50 Custom Flushable Wipes! The 8oz Refill saves packaging costs and it can refill 4 travel size bottles for a Fraction of the Cost of buying individual bottles, Saving You Money!

THE ORIGINAL TOILET TISSUE MOISTENER: Refresh Liquid Wipe was developed in 1995 and previously sold as “Soft & Moist” from our Chicago-based Family Owned Business, founded in the 1940s. Refresh Liquid Wipe is a third-generation, Veteran Owned Small Business and Proudly “Made in the USA”!  Join the Thousands of Satisfied Customers who have Ditched the Wipes and Made Refresh Liquid Wipe part of their daily good hygiene routine.


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