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Refresh Liquid Wipe® makes ordinary toilet tissue extraordinary!

The story begins in the 1940s in Chicago when my grandfather made his first batch of toilet cookies using bees wax and my grandmother’s muffin tins in his garage. That was the beginning of a family janitorial supply manufacturing business that continues operation today.

Back in the early 1990s, my father developed a product to use as a toilet tissue moistener called “Soft & Moist.” It was dispensed as a liquid and was blue in color and people really seemed to like it, but the market wasn’t really ready for it. When I got out of the Marines at the end of 2003, my father encouraged me to move the product forward, but I was then working as a commercial litigation attorney and didn’t have much interest in “butt wipe.” However, in 2013, I started to hear about wet wipes causing “fat bergs” and other problems with plumbing systems and I got the idea that maybe this product had a wider audience than I initially thought. I decided to look into how I could update “Soft & Moist” and the first order of business was a name change to Refresh Liquid Wipe. Next, I experimented with different delivery systems and tried out a 50ml foam bottle that we were using to package hand sanitizer, it worked! Then the formula was updated, the dye was removed and the fragrance changed and the product was tested on dozens of volunteers. The result was the original Refresh Liquid Wipe (green label). In 2021 Refresh Liquid Wipe Free (blue label) was introduced as an alcohol and fragrance free alternative for users with sensitive skin types.

Over the past eight years, Refresh Liquid Wipe has become the most popular wet wipe alternative and our commitment to quality continues to be a driving force in everything we do. So, while I never became the “toilet cookie prince of Chicago” like my grandfather used to joke, I’m happy to be able to offer Refresh Liquid Wipe to our thousands of loyal customers - Karl Roth.

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About Our Product

Refresh’s foaming bubbles contain Aloe and other cleansing ingredients that you apply directly on your toilet tissue for a cleaner, soothing wipe than dry tissue alone.
At home or on the go, make Refresh Liquid Wipe® part of your good hygiene routine everyday!

The Refresh dispenser’s foaming bubbles won’t soak into toilet paper like plain water and won’t irritate your skin like most wipes. Wet wipes and dry bath tissue are too rough. Use Refresh with aloe for that gentle & soothing clean.

Directions: Apply directly to tissue and wipe normally as part of your good hygiene routine.


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Tissue Foam


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